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    Prokaryotic Cell 
    Main Page

    Virtual Cell Biology Classroom of Science Prof Online


    Prokaryotic Cell Structure & Function Lecture Materials

    These are the Prokaryotic Cell Structure & Function Lecture materials of the Virtual Cell Biology Classroom. The resources below are used to supplement an actual college cell biology course. Anyone taking, teaching or interested in biology may find these materials helpful and is welcome to use them.

    Page last updated: 9/2014

    Instructor's Corner
    These lecture learning objectives are  a study guide based on the VCBC  from Cells Alive website.

    • ” interactive diagram from Cells Alive website.

    •  from Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry.

    • Biology4Kids –   by Raders.

    •  animation and quiz from ​McGraw-Hill

    •  animation and quiz from McGraw-Hillll

    The Prokaryotic Cells Lecture materials include:
    • a list of learning objectives
    • a PowerPoint lecture 
    • a 中国福利彩票下载安装αppwork assignment
    • "class note" articles  
    • practice test questions
    • review questions
    • an in-class activity
    • links to additional educational materials

    Image of generic prokaryotic cell. 
    For labeled diagram of same cell, .
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