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    Science Image Library: Blood Agar (BAP) Photos

    Science Image Library
    Blood Agar Bacterial Growth Medium

    from Science Prof Online

    Sterile Blood Agar Plate

    Beta-hemolysis patterns on Blood Agar best viewed from underside of plate.
    1. Bottom of sterile plate of BAP. The bottom of a BAP plate with Gamma-hemolytic bacteria would look the same; 2. Sterile plate of BAP with camera reflected; 3. Sterile, labeled plate of blood agar.
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    Prokaryotic Cell, Mariana Ruiz
    Beta-Hemolysis on Blood Agar (Click on image to enlarge.)
    Alpha-Hemolysis on Blood Agar (Click on image to enlarge.)
    Sterile Plates of Blood Agar (Click on image to enlarge.)
    Alpha-hemolysis patterns on Blood Agar best viewed from underside of plate.
    Page last updated: 5/2014
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    VIDEO: Blood Agar (BAP) Specialized 
    Bacterial Growth Medium. 
    Click here for article on Blood Agar.
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