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    Science Image Library
    Bacterial Colonies & Streak Plates

    Bacterial Colonies of Normal Flors From Arm Plate

    1. Obtaining arm plate sample of normal flora on skin; 2. Normal flora bacterial sample from an arm plate; 3. Close up of normal flora bacterial colonies from arm plate sample; 4 & 5. Touch plates, far shot & near. Tpo plate is unwashed hands, bottom left, washed, bottom right scrubbed soap & alcohol.

    Bacillus subtilis 
    bacterial colonies grown on TSY agar. These bacteria hare heavily flagellated, so can move. See how colonies spread out in lobes.
    1. Micrococcus luteus colonies growing on TSY agar; 2. Streak plate of M. luteus colonies growing on TSY agar, 3, 4 & 5. Arm plate of normal flora of skin. Creamy yellow round colonies are Micrococcus.
    Staphylococcus Bacterial Colonies on TSY 
    (Click on photo to enlarge.) See more >
    ​Micrococcus luteus Bacterial Colonies  on TSY 
    (Click on photo to enlarge.)
    Arm Plate & Touch Plate Bacterial Samples 
    (Click on photo to enlarge.)
    Science Image Library: Bacterial Colony Photos
    Page last updated: 8/2015

    Gram-negative bacterial colonies growing on MacConkey's agar. A pink colony indicates that the bacteria eat the sugar lactose.
    Gram-negative bacterial colonies growing on MacConkey's agar. A pink colony indicates that the bacteria eat the sugar lactose.
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    Prokaryotic Cell, Mariana Ruiz
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    This page features colonies of epidermal normal flora bacteria and  and