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    Objective Lenses of Compound Light Microscope

    How to Use a Compound Microscope
    Finding and Focusing on Microscopic Objects

    LAB NOTES from Science Prof Online

    There are many reasons why someone using a compound scope may have difficulty seeing the specimen. Once the microscope is properly set up, and the user is sure that it’s turned on and the light source is working, there is the challenge of finding and focusing on microscopic objects. The following are solutions to problems beginners commonly encounter when using a microscope.

    Article Summary: The following is a troubleshooting guide to the most common problems encountered when trying to view specimens with a compound microscope.
    How to Use a Compound Light Microscope
    Compound Light Microscope
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    SPO VIDEO Tutorial on Compound Light Microscope Parts & Operation
    Properly Position the Specimen
    Most specimens viewed with a compound light microscope are either wet-mounts of stained eukaryotic cells or bacterial smears. Make sure that the slide is properly prepared and then position it on the stage, with the area to be viewed directly over the hole in the stage where the light passes through.


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