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    Bunsen Burner Being Safely Lit With a Match

    How to Light a 
    Bunsen Burner 


    Before working with fire in the lab, be sure that any long hair is tied back and that shirt sleeves do not hang down. Prior to lighting the burner, set up supplies near a a gas supply valve and have all required equipment within reach: 
    Article Summary: It may look easy, but there are many safety measures to keep in mind with lighting a Bunsen burner. Here is step-by-step photo guide and video.
    How to Safely Light a Bunsen Burner With a Match

    1. Connect Bunsen Burner to Gas Supply
    There should be a rubber tube connected to the Bunsen burner. Connect the opposite end of that tube to the gas supply, typically a pointed nozzle with a handle labeled GAS.
    2. Parts of Bunsen Burner
    ​The image to the right depicts the different working parts of a Bunsen burner. The gas inlet is where one end of the rubber tube is connected. Both the barren and the cog-shaped control to the needle valve rotate to adjust the height of the flame.
    5. Adjust the Flame
    Once the burner is lit, the cog in the base can be manipulated to control the height of the flame. The flame should be adjusted so that there is a clear blue flame surrounding an inner blue cone. 


    How to Light a Bunsen Burner

    (Put you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr goggles on first!)

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    • Bunsen burner 
    • rubber tube for connecting burner to gas supply
    • matches or metal striker designed to produce sparks. (If using matches, have a watch glass available to place hot matches in.)

    A metal striker can also be used to light a Bunsen burner.
    A metal striker can also be used to light a Bunsen burner.
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