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    Cell Division Classroom Supplies

    Mitosis Classroom Demonstration
    with Photos and Assignment

    Classroom Activity from Science Prof Online


    Cell division of 
    eukaryotic cells can be a challenging topic for biology students to understand. The following is a step-by-step photographic guide of a simple classroom activity on mitosis that utilizes inexpensive supplies (pipe cleaners, interlocking beads and string). 
    Article Summary: Here is a hands-on classroom activity to help students practice their understanding of mitosis. Photo Guide and Word doc assignment included.
    Mitosis Classroom Activity + Printable Assignment

    , animation & quiz from McGraw-Hill
    • , animation & quiz from McGraw-Hill
    •  animated tutorial & quiz from Sumanas. Inc
    • , animation & quiz from McGraw-Hill
    • , Genetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah
    • Cell Division: , video fro 

    Instructor's Corner
    Mitosis Classroom Activity 

    ​Page last updated: 11/2016
    from the free STEM 
    education site 
     Go to their website (http://www.carolina.com/) and search "". 
    Supplies Required for Mitosis Activity: 

    In this exercise, the original cell starts with six chromosomes, so the following supplies are needed. 

    Photos 1 &  2. Large Zip-loc bag contains 12 pipe cleaners (6 blue, 6 pink, of those 4 are long, 4 are medium & 4 are small), interlocking beads (12) and string (2 strands)

    Photos 3 & 4. It helps keep materials organized if interlocking beads and string are each in separate, smaller baggies.